Here's what patients are saying about us

"As someone who is greatly claustrophobic, and who has easily had more than a dozen MRI's, I can state emphatically that having an MRI has never been as stress free or professionally administered as my experience at inVision. First, your MRI machine is the most open of any machine I have ever been in (wider, higher and shorter). And because you have the latest, most powerful imaging equipment, the duration of my 2 scans were the shortest ever. This alone makes you the absolute best in my opinion! But then - having windows in the room (another first for me!), the feeling of spaciousness was greatly enhanced and gave me a sense of calm! All of this contributed greatly to reducing my anxiety. But it didn't stop there! From the moment I walked in, the attention to every detail that enhanced my comfort was obvious; from the pleasant environment in the waiting room to the window-filled MRI-room, the sanitary coverlets on the headphones, the socks in the dressing room to keep my feet warm, to the unique boxed water and complimentary coffee in the waiting room, it was truly a special experience in which I felt that my comfort was important. And last - but certainly not least, I cannot say enough about the professionalism, patience and caring approach all of your staff exhibited. I was never rushed despite my nervousness/hesitation, and was treated with genuine concern for my well-being. I only wish all caregivers in our healthcare system acted with such compassion and professionalism! In short, any physician who sends their patients to your facility will be doing their patients a favor and will exhibit a concern and thoughtfulness that will speak well of their practice." - A. J.

"Excellent experience! This imaging center far exceeded my expectations. It is modern and friendly. The tech was excellent as well as the front office staff. My doctor received my results within 2 hours." - M.K.

“The first thing that struck me when I entered InVision was that it didn't feel like a medical facility at all. The modern environment is really welcoming and completely different than anything I have experienced before. Together with their warm and friendly staff my anxiety was quickly put me at ease. They got me in for my appointment quickly and, upon the completion of the study, immediately emailed the results to my doctor who called me while I was still at InVision. I have been banged up quite a few times but never experienced that level of care coordination and communication. It really makes you feel cared for. Unfortunately, my condition requires regular imaging follow up, but thankfully I can trust the InVision team to be punctual and get me on my way quickly. I guess my only complaint is they don’t have a frequent flyer program! (just a suggestions)" -BM

“InVision helped save my life! I was experiencing some tightness in my chest…so, after a relatively “normal” quick follow-up calcium score at InVision, my cardiologist recommended a CT Angiogram at InVision…that diagnostic exam detected a near complete blockage of one and a significant blockage in another of my cardiac arteries and I was able to pursue appropriate medical care BEFORE experiencing an imminent heart attack. Thanks InVision, I may not be here without you!” -TP

“No one likes going to the doctor, much less ancillary services like imaging centers. But, At InVision, I was really surprised. The place looks fantastic and has all the comforts of espresso bar, healthy snacks, an iPad to surf the web and a staff that really make you feel warm and welcome. I got an appointment quickly and conveniently and they were ready for me at my scheduled time. Now, I wouldn’t go anywhere else and I recommend InVision to anyone who needs imaging services.” -CW

“I don’t like MRIs as they make me feel claustrophobic. But at InVision the MRI room has huge windows and the scanner is the most open unit I’ve ever been tested on. The staff have some clever tricks that help take the edge of your anxiety but the best part is that their scanner is so fast, I was out of there before I knew it. I was relieved to have my tests completely so quickly and easily and will definitely go back to InVision if I ever need another MRI. Great experience.” -CC

“I came to InVision worried, afraid and anxious. All the employees were so understanding, they helped me to relax and assured me the whole procedure would be quick and painless. In the end, InVision detected a finding that ultimately saved my life. I can’t thank InVision and its staff enough.” -JA

Here's what physicians are saying about us

“InVision is on it! I can always count on them to squeeze my patients in when I need an urgent study. Their staff is super friendly and our patients always return to me raving about their experience. Getting scans completed so quickly improves the service I offer to my patients and makes my practice operate more efficiently.”

“Image quality means everything for my practice and InVision delivers. Not only is their equipment top notch but InVision utilizes cutting-edge technology for image delivery and allows me to be view images on my iPad and even my iPhone, something no other imaging facility can deliver. This means I can provide real-time feedback to my patients.”

“I often have to refer complex cases out to imaging facilities. Formerly, I would send these patients to hospital-based centers since typically they have the most advanced equipment and qualified staff. That all changed when InVision opened! They have the most cutting-edge equipment and arguably the best team of imaging professionals in OC. Compared with hospital-based facilities InVision’s turnaround time is quicker, they’re ultra convenient service is better and their prices are significantly cheaper. There’s simply no comparison, that’s why InVision is the only imaging facility I use.”

“InVision works with top notch radiologists whose keen eye and experience has greatly assisted me in determining appropriate treatment regimens for my patients. The radiologists are accessible when needed, and when I order STAT studies, they call me immediately with results. I am always impressed with the quality of images and turnaround time I see from InVision. The 3T Open MRI provides me with the clearest images and my patients love the comfort of an open system. I completely rely on and trust their studies.”

“There are times when you need people to step up and go the extra mile and the InVision team is always there for me! I have a busy practice and occasionally need assistance after normal office hours and the InVision team is always available, whether by phone, text or email. This is an invaluable differentiator from other imaging facilities and is the reason I prefer using InVision.

“InVision works with top notch radiologists whose keen eye and experience has greatly assisted me in determining appropriate treatment regimes for my patients. I am always impressed with the quality of images and turnaround time I see from InVision. I completely rely on and trust their studies.”